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He got married in April. Then his new bride got a call from his other wife, police say



He got married in April. Then his new bride got a call from his other wife, police say
He got married in April. Then his new bride got a call from his other wife, police say

One marriage might not have been enough for a Texas firefighter.

Police told Click2Houston that 46-year-old Nathaniel D'Amato married a woman in late April — but the honeymoon period didn't even last a full week. His new bride said she started hearing from other women who also claimed to be married to the firefighter.

That includes a woman from Michigan who D'Amato married back in 1998, according to documented obtained by Click2Houston. An ex-girlfriend of D'Amato testified that the man unsuccessfully tried to divorce that woman twice, court records allege, and left the state to marry again.

His most recent bride called police in April and said that D'Amato is actually married to "several other women," police told The Houston Chronicle.

According to WDIV, the Michigan wife traveled down to Texas and provided proof that their marriage was still valid.

That testimony led police to file one charge of bigamy, a felony, against the man on Monday, WDIV reported.

But the women from Texas and Michigan aren't the only ones who allege to have married D'Amato, police say.

"(The bride from April) had started receiving phone calls from other females," Constable Mark Herman told WDIV, "basically indicating that they were married to the same individual she had just gotten married to."

D'Amato's most recent wife kicked him out of the house, police told ABC13, and he was arrested at a fire station in Magnolia.

He could get up to 99 years in prison if found guilty of the bigamy charge, ABC13 reported.

It's suspected that D'Amato has more than the two wives that have been confirmed so far, police told WDIV.

In North Carolina, another man was arrested for having two wives, and his second one said she wants "nothing to do with him anymore." Police told The Winston-Salem Journal that Bobby Allen Robinson married Lisa Casagrande last April after 10 years of dating — but then Casagrande learned about another wife while talking to Robinson's sister.

He was arrested this April and charged with bigamy.

“I feel very violated. I feel disgusted," Casagrande told the newspaper. " I feel — well sure, I feel used.

"I was with the man for 10 years. He’s dishonest.”

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