'There was poop falling through my sunroof.' Canadians say they got hit by raining poo

'There was poop falling through my sunroof.' Canadians say they got hit by raining poo
'There was poop falling through my sunroof.' Canadians say they got hit by raining poo

This isn't anyone's ideal 15 minutes of fame, and it wasn't Susan Allen's first thought to share this information with the world.

“It's not exactly something you want to be known for. ... being (pooped) on by humans," the Canadian woman told Vice.

But she figured it was the only way she could get some accountability for whoever is responsible for the human poop that she says rained down her in British Columbia last month. Canadian transportation officials are investigating, according to local media.

Allen told Castanet.net, a Canadian news site, that she and her son were in her car about 1:30 p.m on May 9, stopped at a red light in Kelowna, when something wet fell through the open sunroof.

"It stunk. It was gross, really It felt dirty. right away you could smell the smell of poop," she told the website.

"The car was just inundated with poo. It was falling from the sky. You could feel the drops hitting you. "

Her son, Travis, vomited, she said.

“The smell was horrific,” she told Vice. “It smelled exactly like human poop, but almost had a chlorine poop smell. ... I had it in my eyes, I had it in my mouth, and my hair. I was more worried about contracting a disease from having it in my eye.”

She told Castanet that she saw a plane flying overhead "and you could still see light things falling from the sky coming through my sunroof. Oh my god. And I started crying. 'I'm covered in poo. It's human poo, right?' "

She said the poop on the outside of her BMW was gray, like "splattered wheat," not white or black like bird droppings.

"it would have taken a thousand flocks of birds to fly over all at once to cover my car as much as it was covered," she told Castanet.

Dry heaving, she drove to a car wash and sprayed off everything — the car, her son, herself, she told Vice.

She says she went to the doctor next day because her eye swelled up to “the size of a golf ball," and she was treated for conjunctivitis, aka pink eye, she told Vice.

She wanted someone to investigate what happened, so she took her story public, even at the risk of being embarrassed, she told the news outlets she spoke to.

Three days after she got pooped on, CTV News reports, a man found a similar poopy mess all over his car parked in his driveway, also in Kelowna.

Daniel Savoie, a spokesman for Transport Canada, the governmental agency that oversees transportation in the country, told Castanet that each airline is responsible for making sure their planes comply with the country's aviation safety regulations.

it is possible, he said, that a valve malfunction led to a leakage of frozen bathroom waste, known as "blue ice," from a tank on the plane.

“If this happens, the liquid seeping from valves freezes and adheres to the outside of the aircraft when the aircraft is flying at high altitudes,” he told Castanet.

As the plane descends into warmer atmosphere, the ice would melt, he explained, and pieces would detach from the plane — flying poop.

In a statement to CTV, Savoie said Transport Canada is "collecting and reviewing information regarding the reported incidents of May 9 and May 12," but did provide any more details.

Officials with the Kelowna International Airport told CTV they have narrowed the dirty rain down to one of three planes that would have been passing overhead at those times.

Allen told Canadian media she just wants an apology and to have her car detailed because it still reeks.

This article was written by cool news network.

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