They found an American flag trampled on the ground. They made things right, video shows

They found an American flag trampled on the ground. They made things right, video shows
They found an American flag trampled on the ground. They made things right, video shows

There's a reason Margaret Dopson has a security camera watching the flagpole at her home in Mobile, Ala., she told CBS News. Someone — or someones — kept tearing the flag down.

"We've had our flag ripped down four times in three years," Dopson told the news outlet. "It's gut-wrenching to me to see it on video. It's a quick flash of what's wrong with society — anger, hatred and disrespect."

But after reviewing tape of the latest act of disrespect, Dopson realized the camera captured something else that filled her heart, she wrote on Facebook. She shared two videos on Facebook showing what happened on June 10.

The first video, captured at about 2 a.m., shows the flag hanging from a pole on the sidewalk when two unknown individuals approach it. One of the two — who appears to be dressed like a pirate — grabs the flag, rips it to the ground and walks over it. Both the flag-grabber and the other individual never break stride, leaving the flag twisted on the sidewalk behind them.

But about five minutes later, the camera captures two new people coming upon the flag. They stop, pick it up and then spend the next minute carefully folding it before placing it near Dopson's home and going on their way.


"When I opened my door on Sunday morning my first reaction was, 'Oh great, someone tore our flag down again...' Then I immediately saw the folded up flag and I knew then I wanted to find who was kind enough to fold it up more than I wanted to know who tore it down," Dopson told CBS News.

"It was so moving," she told "Whoever that couple was, that was a real class act. They made an impression on a lot of people."

Fox 10 caught up with the pair and learned that one is an active-duty Coast Guardsman and the other comes from a military family.

"That flag represents the people who serve in many ways, I definitely was more than happy to stop and take a little time out of my night just to fold it and give it the respect it deserves," 24-year-old Kees Anderson told the station. "I'm in the Coast Guard, Search and Rescue, that's our jam, that's what we do, of course it means a lot to me."

His friend, 25-year-old Nikki Thompson, said she grew up learning the importance of the flag.

"I grew up in a military family so, you respect the flag, and it's someone else's property ... it belonged to someone else, it means something," she told the station.

Many people on social media thanked the pair and expressed their gratitude for their act of patriotism.

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