Dayton rejects GOP-backed tax bill as session wanes



Dayton rejects GOP-backed tax bill as session wanes
Dayton rejects GOP-backed tax bill as session wanes

Gov. Mark Dayton on Thursday vetoed a GOP-favored bill that would have aligned Minnesota's state tax code with federal changes passed last year, raising doubts about whether he and lawmakers can reach agreement on a top priority before time runs out on the session.

The Democratic governor rejected the bill with about 20 grade-school students standing behind him Bruce Vento Elementary School, shouting "Veto!" as he stamped the legislation.

Dayton said the bill tilted toward the wealthy and corporations and had too little for citizens.

But the governor also warned earlier this week that he wouldn't sign a tax bill without the Legislature addressing his request for $138 million in emergency aid to schools.

The GOP tax proposal modestly cuts Minnesota income tax rates. Republicans argue that Dayton's education request came too late in the session.

The Legislature adjourns Monday, but Sunday night is the deadline to pass bills. Dayton warned again Thursday that he will not call a special session.

School funding and taxes are just two of many priorities the Legislature is aiming to accomplish before adjourning May 21. Lawmakers are also hustling to reach compromises on school security improvements, efforts to curb opioid abuse statewide, a package of $825 million or more in public works projects and more.

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