Retired cop on a mission killed in tricycle accident in the Philippines

Retired cop on a mission killed in tricycle accident in the Philippines
Retired cop on a mission killed in tricycle accident in the Philippines

Larry Mally, a retired Miami-Dade cop who fulfilled his dream by moving to the Philippines and running a mission that improved the lives of thousands of people, was killed earlier this month when a tricycle carrying a pregnant woman ran into him and knocked him down.

Mally was killed on May 12 in the city of Barotac Viejo. He was on his way to join others at a mission in the city of Sara in the province Iloila. Mally was 63.

"His dream was to buy a beach house in the Philippines and live comfortably," said Miami-Dade Police Director Juan Perez, who worked with Mally at the Port of Miami. "The affordability and scenic views drew him there. It is not surprising that he dedicated himself to serving others in his new home."

The story was first reported by The Daily Guardian newspaper in the Philippines.

Mally had a 26-year career with Miami-Dade police. He retired a lieutenant at Seaport Operations at the Port of Miami in 2006. During his career he served Carol City, Midwest, Miami Lakes and Police Operations.

After he retired, The Daily Guardian reported, Mally moved to the Philippines and became involved in helping those in need with cleft pallet deformations. He went on to create a charity called Medical Mission Matters. Its website says that over the past six years the charity has done surgeries on over 1,800 and has served more than 5,000 of the most needy in the country.

Most of the tributes for Mally have come through YoTube. In one video, a man calls Mally "a great man we met last year" and speaks of how Mally found a wheelchair for a woman in need.

In another video taken in February and published by a group called My Philippine Journey, Mally conducts a 14-minute interview with employees from the city of San Carlos, where he set up Medical Mission Matters. Mally said his life changed shortly after moving to the Philippines and helping children with cleft pallet problems.

"I wanted to do more," he tells the interviewer, while seated and wearing a salmon-colored t-shirt and a blue ball cap. "I started an organization in San Carlos. One of the things that makes us different, if I may brag a little bit, our children and their families, we provide meals for them."

Those who knew him in South Florida say Mally loved the water and was always willing to help those in need.

"He was known as a compassionate and loyal man," said Perez, the police director. "He loved fishing and anything to do with the ocean."

There will be a celebration of Mally's life on June 9 at 2 p.m. at Landmark Funeral Home, 4200 Hollywood Blvd.

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