Paper Round: Spurs face competition for Plea, Sampaoli to quit

Paper Round: Spurs face competition for Plea, Sampaoli to quit
Paper Round: Spurs face competition for Plea, Sampaoli to quit

Tottenham Hotspur face competition for Alassane Plea whilst Jorge Sampaoli is set to quit. It's Monday's Paper Round.

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Spurs face competition for Plea

We start with The Sun who have an exclusive that Tottenham Hotspur will face competition for Nice forward Alassane Plea. Now both West Ham and Fulham have a firm interest in bringing the striker to the Premier League.

Paper Round's view: If this interest is confirmed Plea has an interesting choice ahead of him, does he want regular football or a chance at playing in the Champions League? He won't play regularly at Spurs due to Harry Kane's presence but as a back-up there would still be plenty of playing time in theory...

Read the full story here.

Sampaoli set to quit

Reports on Sunday suggested that Jorge Sampaoli is set to quit as Argentina boss following their exit from the World Cup. It had been suggested that he may stay on but now it seems that he will step down.

Paper Round's view: This a tough one. Sampaoli clearly hasn't got any of his ideas across to the squad but with a batch of retirements and some exciting young players through perhaps he should be given a chance to build? It might all depend on one Lionel Messi...

Read the full story here.

Southampton beat Hammers to Barca's Marlon

In The Mirror it is reported that Southampton have beaten out competition from West Ham to sign Marlon from Barcelona for a fee of £10 million after the Brazilian spent last season on loan at Nice. Marlon is seen by the club as the replacement for Virgil van Dijk, who signed for Liverpool in January.

Paper Round's view: So far Saints seem to be making some exciting moves in the market, signing some young players who have room to grow. Marlon fits in that category and given time he could form part of a side that shoots up the league table.

Read the full story here.

Silva hopes Ronaldo will stay on for 2022

And we end in The Mirror with quotes from Bernardo Silva who has said that he hopes team-mate Cristiano Ronaldo will stay on for the 2022 World Cup. There have been some fears that Ronaldo, 33, may retire following Portugal's exit from the World Cup in Russia but Silva said he thinks Ronaldo still has a lot to offer.

Paper Round's view: Plenty of people thought this World Cup might be too far for Ronaldo but he managed to score four goals in Russia. Even at the age of 37 would you really bet against Ronaldo playing in Qatar...?

Read the full story here.

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