Paper Round: Real prepare £150m Hazard bid, Man Utd eye Maguire

Paper Round: Real prepare £150m Hazard bid, Man Utd eye Maguire
Paper Round: Real prepare £150m Hazard bid, Man Utd eye Maguire

Real Madrid are preparing a bid worth £150 million for Eden Hazard whilst Manchester United are considering moving for Harry Maguire. It's Friday's Paper Round.

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Real prepare Hazard bid

We start on the back page of The Mail with a report that European champions Real Madrid are preparing a bid of £150 million to try and sign Eden Hazard. Real reportedly see Hazard as the prime candidate to replace Cristiano Ronaldo and are confident they will be able to lure him away from Chelsea.

Paper Round's view: You can understand Hazard's thinking if he decides to leave Chelsea for Real, for him it would appear to make sense. However whilst he is a fabulous player he won't be able to replace the goals of Ronaldo on his own. They would need to probably sign a second player.

Read the full story here.

Man Utd ready to move for Maguire

We have another story from The Mail that says that Manchester United want to sign Harry Maguire from Leicester City this summer following his performances at the World Cup. However that report says that United will have to pay around £50 million to persuade Leicester to sell.

Paper Round's view: Maguire is home-grown and clearly an upgrade over Chris Smalling and Phil Jones given that he starts over them for England. Of course he needs to work on some aspects of his game but Jose Mourinho remains one of the best coaches for defenders and Maguire could thrive under him.

Read the full story here.

Conte rejected Real for Chelsea pay-off

We return to Stamford Bridge with a report in The Mirror that says that Antonio Conte rejected Real Madrid when they approached him to replace Zinedine Zidane. The report says that he decided to wait for a big pay-off at Chelsea because taking a new deal rather than letting himself get fired would have resulted in less money.

Paper Round's view: It's hard to know whether this is just Chelsea leaking this to make Conte look like the bad guy or whether there's some truth in this, it's certainly easy to imagine that Real would consider Conte as a replacement for Zidane.

Read the full story here.

Ward could become No.1 at Liverpool

And we end in The Mirror with a report that says that Jurgen Klopp has been impressed by Danny Ward in pre-season thus far and he will be given a chance to win the starting goalkeeping start ahead of Loris Karius and Simon Mignolet. It means that Liverpool will not make a move for Alisson despite previous reports suggesting otherwise.

Paper Round's view: Alisson is an excellent goalkeeper but he's going to cost any club that signs him an awful lot of money. Ward will cost Klopp nothing and of course it is a gamble but it could be one that ends up paying off...

Read the full story here.

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