Paper Round: Raiola wants Pogba out of Man Utd, Butland could replace AWOL Courtois



Paper Round: Raiola wants Pogba out of Man Utd, Butland could replace AWOL Courtois
Paper Round: Raiola wants Pogba out of Man Utd, Butland could replace AWOL Courtois

Mino Raiola wants to take Paul Pogba from Manchester United to Barcelona and Jack Butland could replace the AWOL Thibaut Courtois at Chelsea. It's Tuesday's Paper Round.

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Raiola wants Pogba to Barca

We start in The Mail where it is reported that Paul Pogba's agent Mino Raiola wants his client to leave Manchester United this summer and join Barcelona. Raiola is reportedly working on the big move with his client's blessing.

Paper Round's view: It is certainly possible that Raiola and Pogba are just aiming for a better deal but it doesn't necessarily feel like that any more, we've heard rumours of Pogba's unhappiness for two long now. Also you imagine Adidas would be pretty excited to get two of their biggest stars on the same team...

Read the full story here.

Butland could replace AWOL Courtois

We now move to the backpage of The Daily Star where it is reported that Chelsea are considering Jack Butland as an option to replace Thibaut Courtois, who didn't show up to training as expected on Monday. Courtois is pushing through a move to Real Madrid and now Chelsea are chasing alternatives. Their first-choice Alisson joined Liverpool and they could turn to Butland.

Paper Round's view: Courtois is a fine goalkeeper but as Paper Round has said before he could have handled this move away a lot better. He has consistently flirted with Real Madrid and hasn't treated the Chelsea fans as well as Eden Hazard. The Blues would be well within their rights to give him the Florent Malouda treatment...

Read the full story here.

West Ham hope Modric can help them sign Drinkwater

Moving to The Mirror it is reported that West Ham are hoping Luka Modric can aid them in their pursuit of Danny Drinkwater. The Hammers want to sign the midfielder from Chelsea but the Blues will only allow him to leave if they can sign a replacement. That replacement could be Matias Vecino who will only be allowed to depart Inter Milan if they can sign Modric. Got it?

Paper Round's view: Drinkwater has really struggled to adapt to life at Chelsea but he could get his career back on track at West Ham. It also offers up a rather interesting midfield three along with club captain Mark Noble and new signing Jack Wilshere...

Read the full story here.

Everton close in on Bernard

And we end with a story from The Guardian who have the news that Everton are closing in on the signing of free agent Bernard, who left Shakhtar Donetsk recently. The 25-year-old has been in demand but Everton have won the race.

Paper Round's view: Bernard was so highly thought of it's incredible to see Shakhtar let him leave on a free. Even with high wages this is a very exciting signing for Everton.

Read the full story here.

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