The Warm-Up: Professional footballers > part-time footballers

The Warm-Up: Professional footballers > part-time footballers
The Warm-Up: Professional footballers > part-time footballers


Denmark players prove a point

Denmark's A team returned to action against Wales after their, erm, C or D team, comprised of futsal players and lower league/amateur players played Slovakia on Wednesday night after an image rights standoff.

Now, while their third or fourth string did not disgrace themselves in the 3-0 defeat against a Slovakian side that fielded Marek Hamsik, the scoreline was a touch flattering.

So, the return of their first string, led by Christian Eriksen, for their UEFA Nations League opener against an in-form Wales was, the Warm-Up would presume, a very welcome development for the Danish Football Association (DBU).

And so it proved, as the Danes were superb.

So, if proof were ever needed, it turns out that professional footballers are very much good at being professional footballers.

What is value?

Now, while professional footballers may very well be exceptional at professional football, the Warm-Up can’t help but think that they might be a touch overvalued.

The Warm-Up is a huge fan of Harry Maguire. Huge. But Jerry Maguire would be proud of the work his agent has done this week, with the 25-year-old reportedly signing a new contract worth £80,000 a week.

Yes, £80,000 per week for a player who has 74 appearances in the Premier League and 13 caps for England seems a touch skewed. For context, the 25-year-old has 129 appearances in League One and 43 in the Championship.

Now, of course the Warm-Up is not saying Maguire is a fraud - although his first name is actually Jacob (seriously, it is) - but he, for the Warm-Up's money, is a good player. It is clear his talents were undervalued in League One but the Warm-Up suggests he may be overvalued at £80,000 every seven days. Very competent but not yet elite. And if that is worth £80,000 each week, well something is off.

The question must be asked, how has this become the norm? It is madness. This is of course not Maguire's fault - a cursory glance at some of the wages knocking about really is mind boggling.

  • 5. Romelu Lukaku — £250,000
  • 4. Kevin De Bruyne — £280,000
  • 3. Paul Pogba — £290,000
  • 2. Mesut Özil — £306,250
  • 1. Alexis Sanchez — £315,000

If anything, Maguire, in comparison to others, could put together an argument that he is underpaid.

It is not sustainable. There is a reckoning coming the Premier League's way and it ain't going to be pretty.

King Eric to United?

Eric Cantona is a verifiable Manchester United legend. He called it a day at the top. Went out on his terms. Like a boss.

On the subject of being a - read the - boss, the 52-year-old had some interesting things to say about the Manchester United job this weekend.

" I like Mourinho. He has a good personality but not for United - they should have [Pep] Guardiola as coach. He should be there, but he is doing magic with that other club. The club I cannot name. I would like to coach and if they called me I would go. I would enjoy it. They know where I am. Then we would play creative football again. It would be great for the fans, like it was with Alex Ferguson - he allowed players to be creative, treated them as individuals. All felt loved. He was always praising. A good man, a good leader."

Icons as hugely successful head coaches are now a thing, and imagine the raucousness of Old Trafford with the King in charge. Grief!

IN THE CHANNELS... an area of the field that John Terry never, ever at this stage of his career wants to find himself defending.

But defending again he will be if reports are to be believed, as the soon to be 38-year-old is set to sign for Spartak Moscow in one of this year's more interesting transfers.


Jadon Sancho might very well be England's most exciting young player. Yet, as Jamie Jackson illustrated in the below article, the 20-year-old is not your average academy product. He has - and continues to - tred a slightly different path. Well played.


Hero: Baba Rahman

In a world littered with negativity, suspicion and envy, positivity such as this from Baba Rahman should be praised, promoted and imitated.

Just look at those replies. Lovely.


Nope, the Warm-Up can't bring itself to spout off or shine a light on any negativity after the above masterclass from Baba Rahman. You're changing the world one tweet at a time, Baba.


Remember the glory days when footballs were made of concrete and didn't swerve all over the place when addressed with the outside of one's foot? Well, the below example might very well be the exception that proves the rule. Woof!


There is plenty more Nations League action with Portugal-Italy the pick of the bunch. Remember when it was confusing and a bit of a joke?

Nick Miller is on duty tomorrow, who is worth every single penny he gets paid.

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